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Academic Support Scholarship

The application for Spring 2018 will be posted soon!

Academic Support Scholarship Application (Spring 2018)

More Information About the Scholarship

The Provost Committee for Staff (PCS) in partnership with the Human Resources department has created a scholarship designed to help support staff that utilize their tuition remission benefit. UNM employees now have an opportunity to apply for a financial support scholarship to help cover the costs of academic books, course fee(s) and other related course supplies.

The scholarships are for UNM Employees who are using their Tuition Remission benefit to obtain a degree or professional certificate as well as professional development classes. This scholarship will be awarded each semester and recipients of this award will be selected by members of the PCS. To increase the number of staff receiving this assistance, this scholarship will not be made to the same student in successive semesters.

Applicant Criteria

Recipients of the award must:

  • Be in non-probationary employment status
  • Provide descriptions of their academic path and how this scholarship opportunity will benefit them
  • Be at least a .50 FTE UNM employee
  • Be enrolled in courses to be used in a degree/certificate granting program or for professional development
  • Must have a "Meet Expectations" or better on their most current Performance Review

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Course(s) must be used toward degree or certificate completion or professional development (Note: Please do not send your transcript to us.)
  • Tuition remission forms may be verified for eligibility.
  • Passed UNM Employment Probationary Status
  • Be at least a .50 FTE UNM employee
  • Must have a "Meet expectations" or better on most recent Performance Review (Note: Please do not send a copy of your review to us.)
  • Completed Application (ONLINE)
  • Preference will be given to those who have not been awarded the scholarship in prior semesters.

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