Provost Committee for Staff (PCS)

The Provost's Committee for Staff was founded in 1989 and is comprised of staff members in areas of the university that report to the Provost. This committee was created to assist the Provost in providing opportunities for staff development, recognition and service.

Fall 2023 Provost Committee for Staff Academic Support Scholarship Application Form is closed. There will be another opportunity to apply in Spring 2024.

Members of this committee represent staff on issues that affect staff, disseminating information, and carrying out activities regarding staff development and recognition. Committee meetings are once per month.

The Provost's Committee for Staff announces the recipients for the:

Spring 2023 Outstanding Workgroup - Mechanical Engineering Department Staff

  • Janine Pacheco, Dept Administrator A2: Mechanical Engineering
  • Cindi Sanchez, Admin Assistant 3: Mechanical Engineering
  • Anna Mae Apodaca, Academic Advisor, Sr: Mechanical Engineering
  • JJ Conn, Academic Advisor ,Sr: Mechanical Engineering
  • David Kelly, Accountant 2: Mechanical Engineering
  • Jason Church, Sr Machinist: Mechanical Engineering
  • Kyle Webb, Supv, Engineering Lab: Mechanical Engineering
  • Mike Arnold, Sr Machinist: Mechanical Engineering

Spring 2023 Outstanding Staff

  • Alesia Hallmark, Operations Manager: AS Biology General Administrative
  • Kirsten Angerbauer, Technical Lab Coordinator: Sch Arch Planning Gen Admin
  • Hailey Heinz, Sr Research Scientist 1: Cradle to Career Policy Institute
  • Bobby Silva, Accountant 3: Provost Office Staff

Summer 2023 Kindness Award

  • Ashley Hatcher, Operations Specialist: School of Medicine Development
  • Dana Bell, Director: Cradle to Career Policy Institute
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