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PCS Outstanding Staff and Workgroup Recipients

Outstanding Staff & Workgroup recipients for the PCS Outstanding Staff and Workgroup Award are listed below.


  • Brooke Steiger
  • Christine Sraha
  • Stephanie Hands
  • Outstanding Workgroups: Continuing Education IT Staff, Residence Life & Student Housing (RLSH) Custodial Staff


  • Celeste Cole
  • Tim Johnson
  • Mitzi Vigil
  • Outstanding Workgroup: Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Staff


  • Megan Chibanga
  • Alfredo Ruiz
  • Nancy Treviso
  • No nominations were submitted for Outstanding Workgroup for 2015.


  • Dawn Blue Sky-Hill
  • Ramsey Lofton
  • Elizabeth Siletti
  • Outstanding Workgroup:  AVPSS Collective Impact & Outlook Group (Rosa Cervantes, Carolina Aguirre, Tim Schroeder, Kiran Katira, Robert Christner, Renee Delgado-Riley)


  • Emmett Martinez
  • Lourdes McKenna
  • Heather Paulsen
  • Outstanding Workgroup:  Career Services Development Facilitators


  • Alisa Gibson
  • Beth Kaimowitz
  • Linda Melville
  • Outstanding Workgroup:  Student Health and Counseling Allergy and Immunization Clinic (Jo Antreasian, Nikki Beneke, Cindy Hart, and Susan Schwerin)


  • Juan Escarsega
  • Lisa Stewart
  • Jim Todd
  • Outstanding Workgroup:  The School of Architecture and Planning Custodial Team (Maria Bolivar and Irma Ponce)


  • Elsa Castillo
  • John DeMoss
  • Eugene Rooney
  • Outstanding Workgroup:  Department of Spanish and Portuguese (Rosario Johnson, Martha Hurd, Kate Merrill, and Vanessa Vander Galien)