Provost Committee for Staff (PCS)

The Provost's Committee for Staff was founded in 1989 and is comprised of staff members in areas of the university that report to the Provost. This committee was created to assist the Provost in providing opportunities for staff development, recognition and service. Members of this committee represent staff on issues that affect staff, disseminating information, and carrying out activities regarding staff development and recognition. Committee meetings are once per month.

Spring 2024 Kindness Award nomations are now open until May 3, 2024.

Fall 2023 Kindness Awardees 

  • Joseph Lane, University Libraries
  • Alisa Sadilek, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Fall 2023 Provost Committee for Staff Academic Support Scholarship Awardees

  • Rebecca Bacca, UNM Cancer Center
  • Cristian Duran, UNM College of Pharmacy
  • Sarah Shrum, UNM Community Health Infections Program
  • Grace Faustino, UNM Office of the Vice President of Research

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